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Moxa AWK-1137C Industrial wireless client, IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n, 2x2 MIMFalsehttps://www.deltaco.dk/kategorier/netværksprodukter/serielportsserver/AWK-1137CMoxa AWK-1137C Industrial wireless client, IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n, 2x2 MIM01-03-2019 12:04:4331-12-1899 23:00:0031-12-1899 23:00:00False <BODY><P>Moxa AWK-1137C Industrial wireless client, IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n, 2x2 MIMO, black</P> <P>The AWK-1137C is an ideal client solution for industrial wireless mobile applications. It enables WLAN connections for both Ethernet and serial devices, and is compliant with industrial standards and approvals covering operating temperature, power input voltage, surge, ESD, and vibration. The AWK-1137C can operate on either the 2.4 or 5 GHz bands, and is backwards-compatible with existing 802.11a/b/g deployments to future-proof your wireless investments.</P> <P>• Vibration resistant<BR>• Up to 54 Mbps data transfer speeds<BR>• integrated antenna and power isolation<BR>• 500V insulation against external electrical interference<BR>• MIMO technology to ensure transmission and reception while in motion<BR>• Client-based Turbo Roaming for <150ms roaming recovery time betwween APs</P> <P>Dimensions(BxDxH): 77,1 x 115,5 x 26 mm<BR>Weight: 470 g</P></BODY>NoneFalse
MOXA NPort Serial Portserver, 2 portsFalsehttps://www.deltaco.dk/kategorier/netværksprodukter/serielportsserver/NP6250MOXA NPort Serial Portserver, 2 ports18-10-2017 13:01:1331-12-1899 23:00:0031-12-1899 23:00:00False <BODY><P>MOXA NPort Serial Portserver, 2 ports</P> <P>The 2-port NPort 6250 device servers use the SSL and SSH protocols to transmit encrypted serial data over Ethernet. Models are available for connecting to a 10/100BaseT(X) copper Ethernet or 100BaseT(X) fiber network. Both single-mode and multi-mode fiber are supported.</P> <P>The NPort 6250 device servers help guarantee reliability by providing users with secure serial-to-Ethernet data transmission and a customer-oriented hardware design. If the Ethernet connection fails, the NPort 6250 will queue all serial data in its internal 64 KB port buffer. When the Ethernet connection is re-established, the NPort 6250 will immediately release all of the data in the buffer in the order that it was received. Users can increase the port buffer size by installing an SD card.</P> <P>• Secure operation modes for Real COM, TCP Server, TCP Client, Pair Connection, Terminal, and Reverse Terminal<BR>• Nonstandard baudrates supported with high precision<BR>• Choice of network medium: 10/100BaseT(X) or 100BaseFX<BR>• Enhanced remote configuration with HTTPS and SSH<BR>• Port buffers for storing serial data when the Ethernet is offline<BR>• Supports IPv6<BR>• Generic serial commands supported in Command-by-Command mode<BR>• Security features based on IEC 62443</P> <P>Dimensions(BxDxH): 89 x 111 x 29 mm<BR>Weight: 730g</P></BODY>NoneFalse7333048030412
MOXA 2-port standard serial-to-Ethernet Modbus gateways, 16 TCP masterFalsehttps://www.deltaco.dk/kategorier/netværksprodukter/serielportsserver/MB3280MOXA 2-port standard serial-to-Ethernet Modbus gateways, 16 TCP master18-10-2017 13:00:0231-12-1899 23:00:0031-12-1899 23:00:00False <BODY><P>MOXA 2-port standard serial-to-Ethernet Modbus gateways, 16 TCP masters, 32 requests per master</P> <P>The MB3180, MB3280, and MB3480 are standard Modbus gateways that convert between Modbus TCP and Modbus RTU/ASCII protocols. Up to 16 simultaneous Modbus TCP masters are supported, with up to 31 RTU/ASCII slaves per serial port. For RTU/ASCII masters, up to 32 TCP slaves are supported.</P> <P>The MGate MB3000 gateways can effectively connect a high density of Modbus nodes to the same network. The MB3280 can manage up to 62 serial slave nodes, and the MB3480 can manage up to 124 serial slave nodes. Each RS-232/422/485 serial port can be configured individually for Modbus RTU or Modbus ASCII operation and for different baudrates, allowing both types of networks to be integrated with Modbus TCP through one Modbus gateway.</P> <P>• Supports Auto-Device Routing for easy configuration<BR>• Supports route by TCP port or IP address for flexible deployment<BR>• Convert between Modbus TCP and Modbus RTU/ASCII<BR>• 1 Ethernet port and 2 RS-232/422/485 ports<BR>• 16 simultaneous TCP masters with up to 32 simultaneous requests per master<BR>• Easy hardware setup and configuration </P> <P>Dimensions(BxDxH): 22 x 100 x 80<BR>Weight: 360g</P></BODY>NoneFalse7333048030429
Moxa serieportsserver, 2xserieport (RJ45)Falsehttps://www.deltaco.dk/kategorier/netværksprodukter/serielportsserver/NP5210Moxa serieportsserver, 2xserieport (RJ45)11-11-2011 09:11:1131-12-1899 23:00:0031-12-1899 23:00:00FalseMoxa serieportsserver, 2xserieport (RJ45)<br/><br/>Nport-server fra Moxa giver to serieporte på netværket. Bør sublimenteres med kabler.NoneFalse7333048001573
Moxa NPort serieportsserver, 2xDB9han, RS-232, RJ45Falsehttps://www.deltaco.dk/kategorier/netværksprodukter/serielportsserver/NP5210AMoxa NPort serieportsserver, 2xDB9han, RS-232, RJ4511-11-2011 09:11:1131-12-1899 23:00:0031-12-1899 23:00:00FalseMoxa NPort serieportsserver, 2xDB9han, RS-232, RJ45<br/><br/>Manual, software og strømadapter medfølger. <br /><br />Mål (BxDxH): 77x111x26mm.NoneFalse7333048001580