HP USB A to USB A v3.0 - 4 PortFalsehttps://www.deltaco.dk/kategorier/signalhåndtering/usb/hubs/4-porte/2UX22AAABBHP USB A to USB A v3.0 - 4 Port03-12-2020 09:29:5831-12-1899 23:00:0031-12-1899 23:00:00False <BODY><P>HP USB 3.0 male to 4x USB 3.0 A female, black</P> <P>Increase the versatility of your laptop by adding 4 additional USB 3.0 Ports.</P> <P>• Support USB 3.0 with data transfer rates of up to 5 Gbit/s<BR>• Includes 4 downstream ports and 1 Upstream port<BR>• No driver installation required. Plug & Play</P> <P>Weight: 66 g</P></BODY>NoneFalse192018097735
HP B300 PC Mounting Bracket for MonitorsFalsehttps://www.deltaco.dk/kategorier/pc-komponenter/computerholder/DEL1004503HP B300 PC Mounting Bracket for Monitors26-10-2020 12:52:5231-12-1899 23:00:0031-12-1899 23:00:00FalseHP B300 - Monteringspakke (monteringsbøjle) for LCD-display/tynd klient - monteringsgrænseflade: 100 x 100 mm - for HP 260 G3, 260 G4, t430; EliteDesk 705 G5; EliteDisplay E223; ProDesk 400 G5, 405 G4<br>NoneFalse
HP USB A to LAN (RJ45) 10cmFalsehttps://www.deltaco.dk/varemærke/hp/adaptere/2UX21AA#ABBHP USB A to LAN (RJ45) 10cm07-10-2020 14:21:4331-12-1899 23:00:0031-12-1899 23:00:00False <BODY><P>HP Network adapter USB-A to RJ45 female, 10 cm, black </P> <P>Network adapter - USB A to RJ45 female. Connect your ultrabook to a wired local area network.</P> <P>• Compact and portable<BR>• Compatible with standard RJ45 connectors<BR>• Fast data transfer thanks to the 10BASE-T / 100BASE-TX standard<BR>• Plug & Play. No driver configuration or installation required</P> <P>Package contents: USB adapter</P></BODY>NoneFalse192018097728
HP HDMI to VGA AdaptorFalsehttps://www.deltaco.dk/kategorier/kabler-adaptere/hdmi/adaptere/2UX09AAABBHP HDMI to VGA Adaptor17-08-2020 20:16:0631-12-1899 23:00:0031-12-1899 23:00:00False <BODY><P>HP HDMI to VGA adapter, black </P> <P>Connect your laptop to an external monitor or projector with this HP adapter with support for DHCP</P> <P>Weight: 36.3 g </P></BODY>NoneFalse192018097605
HP Mini DP to HDMI AdaptorFalsehttps://www.deltaco.dk/kategorier/kabler-adaptere/displayport/adaptere/2UX11AAABBHP Mini DP to HDMI Adaptor27-07-2020 10:51:0831-12-1899 23:00:0031-12-1899 23:00:00False <BODY><P>HP DisplayPort to HDMI adapter, black</P> <P>Connect your laptop to an external HDMI compatible monitor or projector with this adapter from HP, with 1080p and HDCP support</P></BODY>NoneFalse192018097629
HP USB C to VGA/USB C/USB A/LANFalsehttps://www.deltaco.dk/varemærke/hp/adaptere/2UX25AAABBHP USB C to VGA/USB C/USB A/LAN21-07-2020 06:29:1231-12-1899 23:00:0031-12-1899 23:00:00False <BODY><P>HP USB C to VGA/USB C/USB A/LAN Adapter, black </P> <P>Extend the versatility of your Notebook by adding extra connectivity - Connect via USB-C VGA USB3.0 & Gigabit Ethernet ports - Supports USB 3.0 Superspeed (5Gbps) data transmission backwards compatible to USB2.0 - The USB 3.0 port supports charge and sync simultaneously -</P> <P>• 1-year Limited warranty<BR>• 10/100/1000Mbps bandwidth<BR>• Compatible with: Windows 7/8/10 <BR>• VGA video resolution up to 1080p<BR>• USB 3.0 port supports charge and sync simultaneously</P></BODY>NoneFalse192018097766
HP Thunderbolt Dock G2 230W w/Combo CableFalsehttps://www.deltaco.dk/kategorier/pc-komponenter/dockingstation/DEL3004163HP Thunderbolt Dock G2 230W w/Combo Cable08-07-2020 10:20:4931-12-1899 23:00:0031-12-1899 23:00:00FalseHP Thunderbolt Dock 230W G2 w/ Combo Cable - Dockingstation - VGA, DP, 2 x DP - GigE - 230 Watt - Europa - for Mobile Thin Client mt32; ProBook 440 G8, 450 G8, 630 G8, 635, 650 G8; ZBook Power G7<br>NoneFalse0192545619066
HP Mini DP to VGA AdaporFalsehttps://www.deltaco.dk/kategorier/kabler-adaptere/displayport/adaptere/2UX10AA-ABBHP Mini DP to VGA Adapor06-07-2020 06:01:0131-12-1899 23:00:0031-12-1899 23:00:00FalseHP Mini DisplayPort to VGA Adaptor - Video transformer - Mini DisplayPort - VGA<br>NoneFalse192018097612
HP World Plug Travel AdaptorFalsehttps://www.deltaco.dk/kategorier/el-og-installation/opladere-strømadaptere/rejseadapter/2UX37AA-ABBHP World Plug Travel Adaptor02-07-2020 10:37:1531-12-1899 23:00:0031-12-1899 23:00:00FalseHP World Plug Travel Adapter - Strømforsyningsadapter - Europa<br>NoneFalse192018097889
HP USB to Serial Port AdapterFalsehttps://www.deltaco.dk/varemærke/hp/adaptere/DEL2000477HP USB to Serial Port Adapter07-04-2020 06:58:2331-12-1899 23:00:0031-12-1899 23:00:00False <BODY><P>HP USB to Serial Port Adapter, black</P> <P>Quickly and easily add a serial port to your desktop to connect to your serial and parallel peripherals with the HP USB Serial Port Adapter, which plugs into any USB port on your PC</P> <P>Enjoy USB connection speed up to 12 Mbps and serial communication speed up to 115.2 Kbps</P> <P>Simply plug the adapter into any available USB 2.0 or 3.0 port on your PC and connect the other end to your serial or parallel device</P> <P>Package contents: HP USB to Serial Port Adapter (1.2 m), Documentation.</P> <P>Dimensions: (WxDxH) 232 x 184 x 39 mm</P></BODY>NoneFalse
HP USB-C mini DockFalsehttps://www.deltaco.dk/kategorier/pc-komponenter/dockingstation/DEL3004095HP USB-C mini Dock27-01-2020 05:52:5131-12-1899 23:00:0031-12-1899 23:00:00False <BODY><P>HP USB-C mini dock with pass through charging, black</P> <P>Be productive on the go with streamlined, pocket-sized port expansion that’s fashionable and functional. The HP USB-C Mini Dock has a modern, textured design and packs pass-through charging and data, video, network, and device connectivity into a compact, portable dock.</P> <P>Charge your device while you work<BR>Deliver pass-through charging to your notebook PC or tablet when you connect its USB-C AC adapter to the dock’s USB-C port.</P> <P>Expand your workspace<BR>Drive an external display with HDMI support up to 4K or VGA support up to 1080p. Connect to your Gigabit Ethernet through the RJ-45 port and your accessories through a USB-C or USB port.</P> <P>Enterprise-class network manageability<BR>Support network manageability of your device and the dock with PXE boot support, Wake-on LAN, MAC Address Pass-Through, and LAN/WLAN switching.</P> <P>Ultimate mobility<BR>Carry the dock by hand with the soft-coated USB-C cable that loops and folds neatly into a channel on the bottom of the dock to become a comfortable wrist strap, or pack it to go in your bag alongside your mobile device.</P> <P>Click or call support<BR>Get the reassurance of a one-year limited warranty.</P> <P>Package contents: HP USB-C Mini Dock, USB-C cable, documentation.</P> <P>Dimensions: (WxDxH) 145 x 55 x 17.5 mm</P> <P>Weight: 132 g</P></BODY>NoneFalse0190781715269
HP Serial Port Adapter KitFalsehttps://www.deltaco.dk/varemærke/hp/adaptere/DEL1006855HP Serial Port Adapter Kit29-12-2016 09:09:0431-12-1899 23:00:0031-12-1899 23:00:00FalseHP - Seriel-panel - DB-9 (han) - for HP EliteDesk 700 G1, 800 G1, 800 G2; ProDesk 490 G3, 600 G1 (CMT, SFF), 600 G2 (CMT, SFF)<br>NoneFalse
HP 2.0m external Mini SAS High Density to Mini SAS cableFalsehttps://www.deltaco.dk/kategorier/kabler-adaptere/sata-sas/sas/DEL1005262HP 2.0m external Mini SAS High Density to Mini SAS cable11-11-2011 09:11:1131-12-1899 23:00:0031-12-1899 23:00:00FalseHP Mini-SAS high density to mini-SAS - SAS eksternt kabel - 26-pin 4 skærmet Mini MultiLane SAS (SFF-8088) (han) - 36-pins 4x Mini SAS HD (SFF-8643) (han) - 2 m - for Modular Smart Array 2040, 2040 10Gb; Smart Array P431/2GB<br>NoneFalse4948382998330
HP HDMI to DVI AdapterFalsehttps://www.deltaco.dk/kategorier/kabler-adaptere/hdmi/adaptere/DEL1004459HP HDMI to DVI Adapter11-11-2011 09:11:1131-12-1899 23:00:0031-12-1899 23:00:00FalseHP HDMI to DVI Adapter - Videoadapter - HDMI / DVI - 19-pin HDMI (han) - DVI-D (hun)<br>NoneFalse4514953670792
HP Display Port to HDMI 1.4 AdapterFalsehttps://www.deltaco.dk/kategorier/kabler-adaptere/displayport/adaptere/DEL1004457HP Display Port to HDMI 1.4 Adapter11-11-2011 09:11:1131-12-1899 23:00:0031-12-1899 23:00:00FalseHP DisplayPort to HDMI Adapter - Video / lyd adapter - DisplayPort / HDMI - DisplayPort (han) - 19-pin HDMI (hun) - for EliteBook 745 G2, 820 G2, 840 G2, 850 G2; Mobile Thin Client mt41; ProBook 64X G1, 65X G1<br>NoneFalse4514953705395
HP DisplayPort To VGA AdapterFalsehttps://www.deltaco.dk/kategorier/kabler-adaptere/displayport/adaptere/DEL1001971HP DisplayPort To VGA Adapter11-11-2011 09:11:1131-12-1899 23:00:0031-12-1899 23:00:00FalseHP - VGA-adapter - DisplayPort (han) - HD-15 (hun) - 20 cm - for EliteDesk 800 G1; EliteOne 800 G1; ProDesk 600 G1; Workstation Z230, Z620<br>NoneFalse884420906193