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HP USB Business Slim Keyboard, BlackFalsehttps://www.deltaco.dk/kategorier/tastatur/trådbundne/normal-størrelse/DEL3001452HP USB Business Slim Keyboard, Black28-09-2020 06:03:5031-12-1899 23:00:0031-12-1899 23:00:00False <BODY>HP Slim - Keyboard - USB - Danish - for EliteDesk 800 G2 (mini desktop)</BODY>NoneFalse
CHERRY KC 6000 SLIM FOR MAC, SilverFalsehttps://www.deltaco.dk/kategorier/tastatur/trådbundne/normal-størrelse/TB-661CHERRY KC 6000 SLIM FOR MAC, Silver19-08-2020 09:25:5231-12-1899 23:00:0031-12-1899 23:00:00False <BODY><P>Cherry KC 6000 Slim keyboard for Mac, silver</P> <P>The corded KC 6000 Slim for Mac is the streamlined keyboard alternative for avid writers using Mac!</P> <P>The Cherry KC 6000 Slim for Mac with silver housing and white keys can be used on all end devices with USB-A connection and MAC OSX operating system.</P> <P>• Durable key lettering<BR>• Compact and slim housing<BR>• 1.8 m cable with USB connection<BR>• High weight due to integrated metal plate<BR>• Keyboard in chiclet design with Mac layout<BR>• Numeric keypad for convenient number input<BR>• Quick access to 12 frequently used Mac functions<BR>• Exceptional design with shimmering blue key frame<BR>• Precise scissor mechanism for an ideal operating feeling<BR>• Rubber feet for height adjustment for ergonomic writing</P> <P>Package contents: KC 6000 Slim for Mac, manual</P> <P>Dimensions: (WxDxH) 440 x 130 x 15 mm</P> <P>Weight: 660 g</P></BODY>NoneFalse4025112091773
Cherry Stream keyboard, Nordisk layout, WhiteFalsehttps://www.deltaco.dk/kategorier/tastatur/trådbundne/normal-størrelse/TB-355Cherry Stream keyboard, Nordisk layout, White24-07-2020 08:05:2831-12-1899 23:00:0031-12-1899 23:00:00False <BODY><P>Cherry Stream keyboard slim keyboard with SX-switches, nordic layout, 1.8 m, white</P> <P>Cherry Stream is a super-slim keyboard with high-quality SX switches and silent keys that offer an unbeatable typing comfort</P> <P>• Maximum productivity: Extremely quiet keystrokes, unbeatable typing feel<BR>• Very latest design: Flat overall height, focused on the essentials, GS approval<BR>• Highest quality: Durable key lettering, our own SX scissor mechanism, "Blauer Engel" eco-label<BR>• Optimum operating comfort: 3 integrated status LEDs, perfect slip resistance, 10 Office & multimedia keys</P> <P>Weight: 910 g</P></BODY>NoneFalse4025112090264
Microsoft Wired Desktop 600Falsehttps://www.deltaco.dk/kategorier/tastatur/trådbundne/normal-størrelse/DEL2021643Microsoft Wired Desktop 60027-05-2020 17:10:0631-12-1899 23:00:0031-12-1899 23:00:00False <BODY><P>Microsoft Wired Desktop 600, USB mouse and keyboard, russian layout, black</P> <P>This wired keyboard provides a great value in a sleek desktop.</P> <P>This desktop set combines a spill-resistant keyboard and optical mouse to deliver all the features you need—and more—with Microsoft quality and reliability. Enjoy plug-and-play setup, Quiet Touch keys with quick access to media controls and calculator, and a comfortable ambidextrous mouse.</P> <P>• Scroll wheel<BR>• Plug and play<BR>• Spill resistant<BR>• Quiet-touch keys<BR>• Calculator hot key<BR>• 3-year limited warranty<BR>• Windows start screen key</P> <P></P></BODY>NoneFalse882224742061
CHERRY STREAM 3.0, spillsäkert, SX-brytare, USB, EU layout, svartFalsehttps://www.deltaco.dk/kategorier/tastatur/trådbundne/normal-størrelse/TB-334CHERRY STREAM 3.0, spillsäkert, SX-brytare, USB, EU layout, svart23-03-2020 14:03:5031-12-1899 23:00:0031-12-1899 23:00:00False <BODY><P>Cherry Stream 3.0, fullsize ultra-flat keyboard with Cherry SX switches, EU Layout, black</P> <P>CHERRY STREAM 3.0 never stops working. Specially developed for continuous use in the office: Abrasion-proof inscription of key caps, whisper keystroke, splash water-protected and ultra-flat, ergonomic design.</P> <P>• Durable key lettering<BR>• Designed for continuous usage - over 20 mill. confirmations  per key<BR>• Spill resistant<BR>• Plug & Play for easy commissioning with no software  installation<BR>• Ultra-flat ergonomic top-design for fatigue-free work<BR>• Ultra silent. Whisper keystroke for low-noise typing<BR>• 6 HotKeys for comfortable volume control and the most important Mediaplayer functions<BR>• Standard keyboard layout (including cursor and number block)<BR>• Blue status LEDs<BR>• GS approval<BR>• Awarded the 'Blaue Engel' environmental seal</P> <P>Dimensions(WxDxH): 472x176x18mm<BR>Weight: 936g</P></BODY>NoneFalse4025112090233
HP Inc USB Business Slim Keyboard SEFalsehttps://www.deltaco.dk/kategorier/tastatur/trådbundne/normal-størrelse/DEL3001190HP Inc USB Business Slim Keyboard SE21-10-2019 04:48:1831-12-1899 23:00:0031-12-1899 23:00:00FalseHP Business Slim - Tastatur - USB - svensk - for HP 280 G4; Desktop Pro 300 G3, Pro A 300 G3, Pro G3; Elite Slice G2<br>NoneFalse
DELTACO keyboard, 104 keys, Lithuanian layout, USB, black, slim designFalsehttps://www.deltaco.dk/kategorier/deltaco/computertilbehør/tastatur/trådbundne/normal-størrelse/TB-58-LTDELTACO keyboard, 104 keys, Lithuanian layout, USB, black, slim design10-12-2018 12:41:5031-12-1899 23:00:0031-12-1899 23:00:00False <BODY><P>DELTACO keyboard, 104 keys, Lithuanian layout, USB, black, slim design, muted keys</P> <P>A simple keyboard that comes with a slim design and muted keys to make your writing feel and surroundings more comfortable.</P> <P>• 104 keys<BR>• Lithuanian layout<BR>• USB 1.1m cable<BR>• Sleek design<BR>• Muted keys</P> <P>Weight: 470g</P> <P>Dimensions (WxDxH): 452x161x24mm</P></BODY>5 yearsFalse7333048037657
Das Keyboard X50Falsehttps://www.deltaco.dk/kategorier/tastatur/trådbundne/normal-størrelse/DASKEY-25Das Keyboard X5004-12-2018 08:44:2431-12-1899 23:00:0031-12-1899 23:00:00False <BODY><P>Das Keyboard X50Q, RGB mechanical keyboard, Omron Gamma Zulu Switches, black</P> <P>The Das Keyboard X50Q is a smart RGB mechanical keyboard allowing users to display color notifications on each key. Notifications can come from applications such as Twitter, Gmail, eBay, Facebook and many others. Hundreds of applications can be configured via IFTTT and Zapier, transforming the X50Q keyboard into a RGB dashboard. An open REST API is also available for programmers.</P> <P>Made by Omron (Japan) for Das Keyboard, the Gamma Zulu is a modern best-in-class, fast, soft tactile key switch. It lasts forever with its unequalled 100 million life cycle. The feel is amazing and allows effortless typing and gaming sessions.</P> <P>• 105 Key Pan Nordic layout<BR>• Omron Gamma Zulu switches, soft tactile<BR>• RGB</P> <P>Dimensions(WxDxH): 451x233x32mm<BR>Weight: 1.44kg</P></BODY>NoneFalse859285005473
Das Keyboard DK4QFalsehttps://www.deltaco.dk/kategorier/tastatur/trådbundne/normal-størrelse/DASKEY-23Das Keyboard DK4Q03-12-2018 08:43:1031-12-1899 23:00:0031-12-1899 23:00:00False <BODY><P>Das Keyboard 4Q, RGB Mechanical Keyboard with notifications, Cherry MX RGB Brown, black</P> <P>The award winning Das Keyboard 4 is now Q-enabled, joining our family of smart keyboards. The king of mechanical keyboards now connects to IFTTT and Zapier to light up your keyboard with notifications on project status, weather forecasts, important emails, and more. Das Keyboard 4Q is built with industry leading Cherry MX RGB mechanical switches, providing tried and true durability and reliability. Along with the Das Keyboard Q application, the Das Keyboard 4Q makes you more productive and changes the way you interact with your keyboard.</P> <P>Das Keyboard uses best-in-class, Cherry MX RGB brown mechanical key switches that provide tactile and audio feedback so accurately it allows you to execute every keystroke with lightning-fast precision. Its high-performance, gold-plated switches provide the best contact and typing experience because, unlike other metals, gold does not rust, increasing the lifespan of the switch.</P> <P>Das Keyboard 4Q has a convenient two-port USB Hub for transferring files and connecting devices. No more reaching to the back of your computer. Direct controls to quickly set sound level, play or pause songs, and adjust volume while gaming or working.</P> <P>• 105 Key Pan Nordic layout<BR>• Cherry MX RGB Brown switches<BR>• 2-port USB 2.0 hub<BR>• NKRO over USB</P> <P>Dimensions(WxDxH): 457x173x20mm<BR>Weight: 1.3kg</P></BODY>NoneFalse859285005947
DELTACO Full-size big letter keyboard, blue LED backlight, USB, blackFalsehttps://www.deltaco.dk/kategorier/deltaco/computertilbehør/tastatur/trådbundne/normal-størrelse/TB-701DELTACO Full-size big letter keyboard, blue LED backlight, USB, black22-10-2018 09:08:2331-12-1899 23:00:0031-12-1899 23:00:00FalseFalse <BODY><SPAN lang=DA> <P dir=ltr align=left>DELTACO Full-size tastatur med ekstra store bogstaver, blå LED baggrundsbelysning, 1.75m USB-kabel, sort</P> <P dir=ltr align=left>Dette full-size tastatur er forsynet med en betagende blå LED-baggrundsbelysning, der enten kan være fast, pulserende eller slukket. Bogstaverne på hver tast er større end normalt, hvilket gør det lettere at se, hvilket bogstav der er på hver enkelt tast. </P> <P dir=ltr align=left>• 105 taster<BR>• PAN-nordisk layout<BR>• Justerbar blå LED, Fast/Pulserende/Slukket<BR>• Kompatibilitet: Windows 7/8/10</P> <P style="MARGIN-RIGHT: 0px" dir=ltr align=left>Mål (BxDxH): 442x175x25mm<BR>Vægt: 740g</P></SPAN></BODY>5 yearsFalse7333048037367
Logitech K740 keyboard Nordic blackFalsehttps://www.deltaco.dk/kategorier/tastatur/trådbundne/normal-størrelse/DEL1009558Logitech K740 keyboard Nordic black20-04-2018 07:22:1231-12-1899 23:00:0031-12-1899 23:00:00False <BODY><P>Logitech K740, backlit keyboard, Nordic Layour, USB, black</P> <P>Write comfortably - day as night with Logitech Illuminated Keyboard K740.</P> <P>The backlight makes all the keys clear, bright and easy to read. You can also adjust the lighting manually after the surrounding lighting. The keyboard has soft wrist support, normal keys, and Logitech's PerfectStroke key system, making every impact comfortable, responsive and quiet.</P> <P>It's also striking thin - just 9.3 mm from the frame to the keys - so it takes a bit of space on the work surface. The slim keyboard is a beautiful blend of function and style - it offers superior comfort as well as modern design.</P> <P>Dimensions (WxDxH): 456x190x93mm<BR>Weight: 1050g</P></BODY>NoneFalse
Das Keyboard DK4 EU, Ultimate Soft TactileFalsehttps://www.deltaco.dk/kategorier/tastatur/trådbundne/normal-størrelse/DASKEY-8Das Keyboard DK4 EU, Ultimate Soft Tactile25-04-2016 12:35:0031-12-1899 23:00:0031-12-1899 23:00:00False <BODY><P>Das Keyboard 4 Ultimate - Mechanical blanc keyboard with Cherrys MX Brown switches, bog volume knob, 2m cable, USB, black</P> <P>When Das Keyboard released their first blanc keyboard there was a huge cry of joy was heard amongst all nerds. Now almost ten years later they release their Das Keyboard Ultimate 4, a blanc mechanical keyboard with more feauters then ever before!</P> <P>This keyboard comes with Cherrys famed MX Brown soft tactile switches that have a "softer" sound then most mechanical switches. They keyboard also comes with a oversized volume knob for controlling the sound, behind this colume knob you also find two USB 3.0 ports!</P> <P>Dimensions(WxDxH): 450x173x21mm</P></BODY>NoneFalse0855800001586
DELTACO Tastatur, nordisk layout, USB, 1,1m kabel, sortFalsehttps://www.deltaco.dk/kategorier/deltaco/computertilbehør/tastatur/trådbundne/normal-størrelse/TB-626DELTACO Tastatur, nordisk layout, USB, 1,1m kabel, sort21-04-2016 07:38:4031-12-1899 23:00:0031-12-1899 23:00:00FalseFalse <BODY><P>DELTACO Tastatur, nordisk layout, USB, 1,1m kabel, sort</P> <P>Fullsize tastatur som tilsluttes med kabel til en USB-port.</P> <P>• Plug and play<BR>• 13 medietaster</P> <P>Vægt: 463g</P> <P>Mål (BxDxH): 450x140x21mm</P></BODY>5 yearsFalse7333048010308
Das Keyboard 4 Professional - Mekanisk tastatur med Cherry MX Blue swiFalsehttps://www.deltaco.dk/kategorier/tastatur/trådbundne/normal-størrelse/DASKEY-3Das Keyboard 4 Professional - Mekanisk tastatur med Cherry MX Blue swi18-08-2015 13:36:3731-12-1899 23:00:0031-12-1899 23:00:00FalseDas Keyboard 4 Professional - Mekanisk tastatur med Cherry MX Blue switch, stort volumehjul, Nordisk layout, 2m kabel, USB, sortNoneFalse0855800001517
Das Keyboard 4 Professional - Mekanisk tastatur med Cherry MX Brown stFalsehttps://www.deltaco.dk/kategorier/tastatur/trådbundne/normal-størrelse/DASKEY-4Das Keyboard 4 Professional - Mekanisk tastatur med Cherry MX Brown st14-08-2015 12:13:4431-12-1899 23:00:0031-12-1899 23:00:00FalseDas Keyboard 4 Professional - Mekanisk tastatur med Cherry MX Brown stik- stor volumeknap, Nordisk layout, 2m kabel, USB, sortNoneFalse0855800001524
Das Keyboard 4 Ultimate - Mekanisk tastatur uden tegn på tasterne medFalsehttps://www.deltaco.dk/kategorier/tastatur/trådbundne/normal-størrelse/DASKEY-7Das Keyboard 4 Ultimate - Mekanisk tastatur uden tegn på tasterne med14-08-2015 12:10:2631-12-1899 23:00:0031-12-1899 23:00:00False <BODY>Das Keyboard 4 Ultimate - Mekanisk tastatur uden tegn på tasterne med Cherrys MX Blue stik, stor volumeknap, 2m kabel, USB, sort</BODY>NoneFalse0855800001579
Cherry KC 1000 SC - keyboard, smartcard termina, pale greyFalsehttps://www.deltaco.dk/kategorier/tastatur/trådbundne/normal-størrelse/TB-322Cherry KC 1000 SC - keyboard, smartcard termina, pale grey11-11-2011 09:11:1131-12-1899 23:00:0031-12-1899 23:00:00False <BODY><P>Cherry KC 1000 SC - Sikkerhedstastatur med integreret smart card terminal, nordisk layout, lysgrå</P> <P>Sikkerhedstastatur med integeret smart card terminal, varig pålidelighed, tidsløs elegance, intelligent koncept. CHERRY KC 1000 SC kombinerer fordelne ved et klassisk CHERRY kontortastatur med sikkerhedsrelaterede krav fra et sikkerhedstastatur. </P> <P>• Smart, trådet sikkerhedstastatur med integreret chipkort terminal <BR>• Sikker PIN-kode<BR>• PC/SC smartcard læser<BR>• Protokol: T=0, T=1, S=8, S=9, S=10<BR>• EMV 2000 Level 1 godkendt<BR>• CCID kompatibel<BR>• Læsning/skrivning ISO 7816 kompatibelt smartcards<BR>• Fladt design, lav smart card kontaktenhed<BR>• Opfylder krav som FIPS-201<BR>• Driver support til Windows/MacOS-X/Linux<BR>• En-hånds betjening af smart card modul<BR>• Tildelt "Blaue Engel"-miljøvenligt segl</P> <P>Mål (BxDxH): 458x188x46mm</P></BODY>NoneFalse4025112085666
Cherry KC 1000 SC - tastatur med indbygget kreditkortlæser, ISO 7810,Falsehttps://www.deltaco.dk/kategorier/tastatur/trådbundne/normal-størrelse/TB-295Cherry KC 1000 SC - tastatur med indbygget kreditkortlæser, ISO 7810,11-11-2011 09:11:1131-12-1899 23:00:0031-12-1899 23:00:00FalseCherry KC 1000 SC - tastatur med indbygget kreditkortlæser, ISO 7810, <b>Nordisk layout</b>, sort - (JK-A0100PN-2/01)<br/><br/>Rigtig fedt tastatur fra Cherry. KC 1000 SC er et tastatur med LPK-switch og integreret kortlæser. Perfekt til kommunen, regioner, skoler og børnehaver hvor kortlæsere bruges ved personlig login på computer. Kortlæseren følger ISO 7819 standarden. Tilsluttes til computeren med USB. <br /><br />Læser og skriver alle ISO 7810 kompatible smartkort.<br />CCID kompatibel.<br /> USB-tilslutning.<br />1,8 meter kabel.<br /> Understøtter Windows, Mac OS X og Linux.<br /> <br /><i>Billedet viser et andet tastatur-layout end det som leveres.</i><br /><br />KC 1000 SC og manual medfølger.<br /><br /> Mål (BxDxH): 458x188x46mmNoneFalse4025112085130
CHERRY XSTouchpad, minitastatur med touchpad, US layout, USB, 2,5m, soFalsehttps://www.deltaco.dk/kategorier/tastatur/trådbundne/normal-størrelse/TB-317CHERRY XSTouchpad, minitastatur med touchpad, US layout, USB, 2,5m, so11-11-2011 09:11:1131-12-1899 23:00:0031-12-1899 23:00:00FalseCHERRY XSTouchpad, minitastatur med touchpad, US layout, USB, 2,5m, sort<br/><br/>Mål (BxDxH): 374x139x18mm.NoneFalse4025112071393
CHERRY KC1000, multimedietastatur, <b>Nordisk Layout</b>, USB, 1,8m kFalsehttps://www.deltaco.dk/kategorier/tastatur/trådbundne/normal-størrelse/TB-269CHERRY KC1000, multimedietastatur, <b>Nordisk Layout</b>, USB, 1,8m k11-11-2011 09:11:1131-12-1899 23:00:0031-12-1899 23:00:00FalseFalse <BODY>CHERRY KC1000, multimedietastatur, <B>Nordisk Layout</B>, USB, 1,8m kabel, sort - (JK0800PN-2-)<BR><BR>Tynd tastatur med god ydeevne, perfekt for dig som vil have et lydløst tastatur med Cherrys velkendte design og teknik.<BR><BR><I>Obs, tastaturet på billedet viser tysk layout, produktet har dog nord isk layout</I>.<BR><BR>Mål(BxDxH): 458x169x 16,1mm.</BODY>NoneFalse4025112082696
DELTACO tastatur, nordisk layout, USB, sortFalsehttps://www.deltaco.dk/kategorier/deltaco/computertilbehør/tastatur/trådbundne/normal-størrelse/TB-53DELTACO tastatur, nordisk layout, USB, sort11-11-2011 09:11:1131-12-1899 23:00:0031-12-1899 23:00:00FalseFalseDELTACO tastatur, nordisk layout, USB, sort<br/><br/>Tilsluttes til computerens USB-port. 1,1m kabel.<br />Mål (BxDxH): 452x161x24mm.<br />5 yearsFalse7340004614272