Accutone BT310MKII, Bluetooth mono headset, USB adaptor, volume/mute31-12-1899 23:00:00BT310MKII5637345043Falsehttps://www.deltaco.dk/kategorier/lyd/headset/bluetooth/kåber/BT310MKIIAccutone BT310MKII, Bluetooth mono headset, USB adaptor, volume/mute <BODY><P>Accutone BT310-MKII, Bluetooth mono headset, M1 USB audio adaptor, Bluetooth 4.1, 8 hours talk time, black</P> <P>The best-selling and most versatile business headset from Accutone now comes in a new version. The 310 Series MKII has become wireless and uses Bluetooth.<BR>Thanks to the compatibility with your smartphone and tablet, it's easy to find a device to use together with the BT310-MKII and the included USB adapter allows you to use the headset for almost all your devices. The headset can also be used with 2 devices simultaneously.<BR>If you have the BT310-MKII headset connected to a computer and a mobile phone, when someone calls your computer and you press the answer button on the headset, you will pick up that call; and when someone calls your phone, you press the answer button again, you will pick the call on your phone - you don't have to think about or choose which calls to answer. The headset will answer on the correct device.</P> <P>A full charge gives you 8 hours of continuous talk time and charging is quick and easy via micro USB.<BR>The controls make it easy to adjust the volume, answer and end calls, and enable Siri when using iOS devices.<BR>With a weight of only 60 grams, you get a high comfort with a lightweight. This, together with a headband with leather protection and a high-quality ear cushion, makes 310 suitable for professional use in eg. call centers.</P> <P>• Extra comfort thanks to headband with padded leather lining<BR>• 8 hours talk time<BR>• Bluetooth 4.1<BR>• Microphone with really good passive noise reduction<BR>• Controls for volume, answer and end calls etc.<BR>• Voice-enhancing 28mm speakers<BR>• LED status indicator<BR>• Ultra lightweight with only 60g</P></BODY>False4895029402432
DELTACO Business USB headset, remote, noise canceling mic, UC31-12-1899 23:00:00HL-715637302858Falsehttps://www.deltaco.dk/kategorier/deltaco/computertilbehør/headset/overfladebehandlet/HL-71DELTACO Business USB headset, remote, noise canceling mic, UC <BODY><P>DELTACO Business USB headset, 28mm driver, 20Hz - 20kHz, 1.8m USB cable, black</P> <P>With DELTACO Business USB headset your callcenter with always speak clearly in their microphones. On the 1.8m long USB cable you have a remote control with four buttons; answer button, +/- volume and one button for muting your microphone.</P> <P>This lightweight business headset comes with 28mm drivers, a frequency response of 20Hz - 20kHz and an adjustable boom microphone on your right side. With support for UC (Unified Communications), Skype for business and Microsoft Lync, this headset has all the tools you need.</P> <P>• Remote buttons: Call/Answer, Volume ±, mute/unmute<BR>• Microphone:<BR>  Sensitivity: -36 ±3dB / 100mV @ 1kHz<BR>  Frequency range: 100Hz - 800Hz<BR>  Reduces background noise by 14dB maximum<BR>• Headset:<BR>  Driver: 28mm<BR>  Sensitivity: 90 ±3dB / 100mV @ 1kHz<BR>  Frequency range: 20Hz - 20kHz<BR>• 1.8m USB cable<BR>• Powered by USB, 5V 1A</P> <P>Package contents: DELTACO Business USB headset</P> <P>Dimensions(WxDxH): 170 x 60 x 170mm<BR>Product weight: 135g</P></BODY>False7333048028211




Accutone UM202, USB-headset, mono, volymkontroll med mute10-04-2019 06:53:32UM2025637345042Falsehttps://www.deltaco.dk/kategorier/lyd/headset/usb/UM202Accutone UM202, USB-headset, mono, volymkontroll med mute <BODY><P>Accutone UM202, USB mono headset, 40mm driver, flexible boom arm, black</P> <P>Give the UM202 headset a try and you will immediately notice the surprising powerful sound output from this compact design. Unprecedented in the industry, the USM202's small speaker chamber house a bass-enhanced 40mm speaker, allowing users to truly enjoy top-end multimedia and music experiences. </P> <P>The UM202 is also an excellent communication product. With its commercially-used noise-cancelling microphone, users can enjoy a level of crystal clear voice transmission even in the noisiest environment, making this headset the best product for internet chat as well as PC or console gaming. </P> <P>Designed by Accutone’s award-winning industrial designer, the UM202 is a sharp-looking headset with elegant curves; but most importantly the mechanical design is unmatched in terms of creating the best acoustic-friendly chambers and durable moving parts. Although the UM202 is designed for the consumer market, its reliability-standards are equal to the most rigid requirements of business users.</P> <P>Specifications:<BR>• Material: ABS and POM<BR>• Headset Dimension (WxDxH): 14.5 x 16.5 x 6cm<BR>• Weight: 80 g (include controller)<BR>• Speaker Size: 40 mm diameter speakers<BR>• Sensitivity: 98dB ±4dB (3mW/1CM)<BR>• Impedance: 32Ω ±15%<BR>• Frequency Response: 20~20,000Hz<BR>• Microphone Dimension: 6mm diameter x 2.5mm<BR>• Microphone Sensitivity: -45dB ±4dBV/Pa<BR>• Impedance: 2200 Ω<BR>• Microphone Frequency Range: 100~10,000Hz<BR>• Directivity: Noise-Canceling</P></BODY>False4895029401916